What to expect

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Initial Consultation

Your initial naturopathy consultation is approximately 60 minutes in duration. In this time, a confidential and complete understanding of your health and lifestyle will be gained by discussing your case history and using traditional naturopathic assessment and functional pathology screening.

If you have any pathology blood results, X-rays, scans, or reports of a recent nature, please bring these with you. Referral for standard or functional pathology may be offered if required.

At the conclusion of your appointment, initial therapeutic strategies may be recommended to set you on the road to good health. This may include herbal or nutritional medicine prescriptions, along with basic diet and lifestyle recommendations.


Follow Up Consultations

Your follow up consultations are normally between 30 minutes and considers the effectiveness of the treatment already administered. In addition to this, a personlized wellness plan will be presented to give a guide to the time-frame of treatment, efficacy and the frequency of follow up appointments required as well as assess any areas that were not addressed in the first consultation.

Private Health Fund Rebates

Jody is a member of the National herbalist association of australia (NHAA). She is registered with all major health funds and her patients are eligible to claim private health insurance rebates on consultations. Please contact your health fund for further information regarding your eligibility for naturopathy rebates. Payment can be made using EFPTOS or credit card.



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