What is naturopathy?

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What is naturopathy?

Modern naturopathic medicine uses an integrative approach towards individualised healthcare that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of illness and health issues. It combines the scientific understanding of disease processes and diagnosis together with a wholistic approach that uses effective therapeutic natural medicines to enhance the body’s natural healing response and to restore healthy function and vitality.

Naturopathy looks at finding, treating and preventing the cause of your health problem, not just alleviating your symptoms, and works to bring your whole body into a state of balance, free of disease. Naturopathy doesn’t just treat illness but can help you to stay on track even when you are well!

Naturopathy looks at finding, treating and preventing the cause of your health problem, not just alleviating your symptoms

Your Naturopathy Consultation

Initial Consultation
Your initial naturopathy consultation is approximately 60-90 minutes duration.  This initial consultation provides a complete understanding of your health and wellbeing through discussion of your case history, assessment of diet and lifestyle, and traditional naturopathic diagnostic techniques.

If you have any pathology blood results, X-rays, scans, or reports of a recent nature, please bring these with you. Referral for standard or functional pathology may be offered depending on your presentations.

At the conclusion of your appointment, initial therapeutic strategies may be recommended to set you on the road to good health. This may include herbal or nutritional medicine prescriptions, along with basic diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Follow Up Consultations
Follow up consultations are normally between 30 -45 minutes and consider the effectiveness of treatments underway, whilst supporting appropriate implementation of diet and lifestyle guidelines. Your personalized Wellness Plan is a guide to the time and frequency of follow up appointments required.

Private Health Fund Rebates
Private health fund rebates may apply depending on your level of cover. Please contact your health fund for further information regarding your eligibility for naturopathy rebates.

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